Vince Carone

Vince Carone who has been described as “A ranting blue-collar rep for America’s true voice” is fresh off his 5th release “Vincectomy”. Since 2001, Vince has become known for his fast-talking, quick-witted, over-the-top rants, combined with a dominating stage presence. His ability to rattle off more material in one show than most could in a weekend is what keeps the crowd engaged during his verbal assault.

For the past 18-years, he has made an underground name for himself in this business while building a cult following. With 5-current albums under his belt and a drive to continually deliver new material, Vince Carone's live show has become a must-see. His chaotic, cathartic, complaints are summed up by his own public service announcement: “Better check the Doppler, there’s a sh*t-storm coming your way!”