Pat Tomasulo

Pat is  a television personality, stand-up comic, writer and producer based out of Chicago. Those are a lot of labels, which suggests either A) he is a prodigious talent, or B) he is  not really excellent at any of those things. he really has no idea at this point.

As a TV guy, Pat is  the sports anchor for Chicago’s top rated AM newscast, The WGN Morning News. He was also a host of the ABC primetime show Shaq Vs, filled in for Reege a few times on “LIVE With Regis and Kelly,” and have auditioned to host about a half dozen hugely successful network shows, each time acing the audition, but ultimately learning he was not “the right fit, tonally.”

As a stand-up, Pat perform all over Chicago and the Midwest, And as a writer and producer, he has optioned a handful of show ideas to be developed.